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Jungle Lodge

Adventure Seekers, Backpackers & Honeymooners

Located in the beautiful Cayo district of western Belize, Lower Dover Jungle Lodge is the perfect getaway for adventure travelers wanting to experience the vanishing natural world - up-close. "Real Belize...the Right Way". We cater to groups, newlyweds on a Belize honeymoon, or travelers seeking sustainable accommodation beyond the typical Belize bed and breakfast. We have comfortable beds, clean, safe, private cabanas, a luxury honeymoon suite with air conditioning, and secure bunk-house style dormitory accommodations. Campers and backpackers are also welcome. All inclusive meal plans are optional. Lower Dover is the easiest to reach of all Belize jungle hotels. Our colorful jungle paradise is ½ mile / .8 kilometers from the Western Highway that connects Belize City, Belmopan, and San Ignacio Town to Guatemala. We are situated on 100 acres of old growth rain-forest, along the Belize River, on top of a newly discovered Mayan ceremonial center. Our central location provides easy access to all major Mayan sites, including being the closest to the must see ATM Cave. Backpackers traveling to Tikal by local bus will find our close proximity to the highway ideal. Our central location and access to public transportation gives you savings other Belize resorts can’t offer. Traveling to/from Lower Dover and the Belize cayes, International Airport or Belize Zoo can easily be done via private taxi, rental vehicle, shared shuttle or public bus. There is no other place in Belize so close to the main highway yet so wild. Travelers wishing to experience Medicinal Plant and Jungle hiking trails, on-site Mayan pyramid ruins, great food and the ability to relax in style surrounded by the wildlife and the rain forests of Belize will be right at home in our jungle setting. Stay at Lower Dover Jungle Lodge for low rates, nearby tourist attractions, and easy access by bus or car.

Field Station

Exclusive Access for Groups & Students

Belize sits in the middle of the remains of a vast Mayan empire. It is believed that over 2 million Mayans called Belize home during Classic Mayan times. Only 340,000 people live here today. In fact, the largest building in Belize, taller than any hotel or government building, is the main 167 foot Mayan temple at Caracol built 1200+ years ago. As a result, there are many Mayan ruins in Belize. Some of these are mostly excavated and easy to climb, but most are not. In 2008, A large Mayan ceremonial center and royal residence named “Lower Dover” was discovered in our dense jungle. Since 2010, we have been pleased to host archeology students digging “Lower Dover” with the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR) under the guidance of the head of Belize archaeology, Dr. Jamie Awe. Each June and July, the Jungle Lodge closes to the public and the Field Station goes into full swing. We eagerly anticipate the discoveries soon to follow from our significant location. Beyond anthropology/archaeology, further research possibilities exist for students interested botany, hydrology, entomology, and ornithology. Student groups enjoy generous discounts, exclusive access to the property, great food, wifi connectivity, and a safe environment for learning. Read more...

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